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Investigate Log Data With Aslogger.com's High-Powered Kibana


ELK. Without the hassle.

We’ll handle scaling, sharding, index management, upgrades, and all the rest so you can focus on your business rather than maintaining data pipelines.

Kibana and Grafana: better together

Easily correlate metrics with their associated logs for fast, effective root cause analysis of production issues.


Control logging volumes and costs

Only pay for what you index. Send us everything and add Drop Filters to prevent unneeded logs from being indexed.


Powerful Search, Granular Dashboards

Our high-powered Kibana helps engineers quickly find the information they need. Users leverage:

  • The most familiar log searching syntaxes: Lucene and KQL
  • Rich visualization capabilities offered by Kibana
  • Premade dashboards built to monitor popular cloud technologies

Quickly Make Sense Of Your Log Data

Log Patterns clusters similar logs together so you can quickly understand the log data generated by your environment.

  • Hitting ‘Patterns’ turns millions of records into tens
  • Easily filter log patterns in or out of your search query
  • Find any unneeded log patterns? Apply a Drop Filter to automatically archive them

Find The Needle In The Haystack

Cognitive Insights uses ML to identify logs that indicate oncoming production issues.

  • Automatically cross reference incoming logs with forums like StackOverflow and GitHub to identify critical logs
  • Correlate application exceptions with recent deployments

Stay Notified With Real-Time Alerting

Immediately identify high-priority production incidents on your favorite notification system.

  • Build advanced alerts based on multiple queries and trigger conditions
  • Determine frequency to combat alert fatigue
  • Stay notified via Slack, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, email, and other channels

Your Data Is Safe

Use a fully secure platform that adheres to strict data security rules. Compliant with: PCI Level 1, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA and GDPR.

What Else Can You Do With Log Management?

Log Patterns

Easily identify recurring patterns in your log data to streamline your troubleshooting process.


Be proactive! Use a built-in powerful alerting engine to get notified on critical events via email, Slack, or PagerDuty.

Cognitive Insights

Uncover otherwise overlooked events with the help of machine learning and crowdsourcing.

Application Insights

Leverage anomaly detection to identify new errors and exceptions thrown by your applications.

Live Tail

See a live feed of your data being streamed from different data sources, in real-time.

ELK Apps

Access our free library of pre-made Kibana searches, alerts, visualizations, and dashboards for different log types and use cases. Save your favorites, and contribute your own!

Kibana Advisor

Receive pointers and suggestions to avoid common querying mistakes in Kibana.

Data Optimizer

Aggregate and save important data. Automate the process by configuring processors, including thresholds and scheduling rules.

Volume Analysis

Keep tabs on how much data you’re shipping for optimizing costs.

S3 Archive & Restore

Backup your logs in an AWS S3 bucket so you can retain or re-ingest them at a later date.

Drop Filters

Ship all the logs you want and decide which data to actually ingest.

Sub Accounts

Segregate your Logz.io account into sub accounts, each with its own data allowance and account token.

Role Based Access

Manage permissions for your team and decide who has what type of access to which feature.

User Control

Add as many users to your aslogger.com account as you see fit. The number of allowed users depends on your plan.

Audit Trail

Monitor actions being performed in your account. Filter actions as you see fit and export as a .CSV file for sharing and future reference.


aslogger.com is available on different cloud providers and across regions. Just take your pick.


Simplify accessing aslogger.com by using your organization’s credentials (AD, OKTA, OneLogin).

24/7 Support

Who's going to answer the phone in the middle of the night? Logz.io has you covered with 24/7 in-app chat support.

Timeless Accounts

Use dedicated accounts for storing important data for extended periods of time.

Data Parsing

Parsing as a service - with automatic and manual parsing features to make your data readable.


Use secure API to access your data and use the other capabilities offered by Logz.io. Programmatically query your data, create alerts, gain insights, and more.

Field Mapping

Dynamically update Elasticsearch field mapping via a dedicated UI.

Chat Bot

Integrate data analysis into your Slack channels using Alice -- the aslogger.com Slack Bot.


Share Kibana objects with your team members by sending snapshots of visualizations and dashboards.

Data Export

Export your log data to make it easier to share with your colleagues.


Schedule reports to track changes over time and meet compliance requirements.

All in one Log management Solution

A seamless home developed log management system powered with AI.

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